Get the most out of your Photobooth Hire Part 2

Today, I would like to focus on another key to getting the most out of your photobooth images: Practise makes Perfect!

The great thing about our package deals are that they include unlimited sessions for the duration of the hire period. We have found that when people haven't used a photobooth before, it takes a few goes to get the hang of it and get the best possible photos from your session. So - we encourage your guests to have more than one go in the photobooth at your function. After a few goes, they get used to the speed of the shots (our photobooth is set to take a pic every 5 seconds) and also get used to looking at the camera, not the screen, so that they aren't looking down in the photo. (Of course, having more than one go also lets you unlease your inner poser and put your creativity to the test!

So when you hire a photobooth, don't be discouraged if your first shot doesn't turn out exactly as planned - hop in there and have another go (and a few more laughs in the process!)

Don't forget: wedding and party season is fast approaching so make your booking early to avoid disappointment!